Home from Burundi

Whenever we go on missions trips, and especially once we return from them, there are several things that come to mind:

(1) I always think about all the wonderful places and great people God has allowed me and Lisa to meet and work with around the globe. He really has opened our eyes to the complexity and diversity of His Kingdom over the last decade, as we’ve sought to serve Him.

(2) I’m always grateful that He allowed US to participate in His work. He tells us that there is no one righteous, not even one. I realize that about myself so much. And yet, He opens that door for us, and we step through it. The experience of travel and working with other believers has deepened our faith immensely.

(3) He reminds me that the door is open to more people than ever before. Surely, not everyone is called to travel internationally to participate in God’s work. But the opportunity is there to a greater degree than ever before in the history of God’s church. It would touch my heart to see more participate.

(4) He reminds me that there is good work that can be accomplished in short bursts. Surely, there is a lot being written today suggesting that short term missions are ineffective (at best) and wasteful of God’s resources (at worst). Yes, there are times when God’s resources might be better used in other ways, but there are real benefits that can come from short term missions. Work like that done by Allow the Children, through long-term investment in child sponsorships, leadership training, etc., leads to real life change around the world. Knowing that there are two sides to this coin should lead us to remember the importance of discernment when it comes to knowing what types of missions to involve ourselves in and support financially.

Be involved in what God is doing around the world. Pray. Give. If you can, Go.

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